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I was surprised at how little it took to maintain my level of fitness.
Just over a year ago, I ran my first 5km race. I trained diligently all winter – running and swimming at least twice a week. Then I continued to work to get ready for my first triathlon. Even after those races were done, I enjoyed the feeling of being able to move, so I kept running and biking all summer.
But then winter came. The coldest winter on record in part of the country. Family activities took over many evenings and exercising  became onerous. So I “fit it in” by taking the stairs as often as possible and doing 10 may mute strength workouts with my daughter.
Spring came late with many cold, rainy days and multiple respiratory viruses. Running training has been slow. I got out 3 times.
Three days ago, I ran another 5km race. My time was very close to last year’s time. How is that even possible? Climbing stairs seems to have been more effective than I imagined!
Last year at about this time, I did my first triathlon. This event comes up again in 33 weeks. Is that enough time to get in a reasonable shape to try it again?
I will try an open water swim in a few days and then decide.


Night Running

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Run
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Contest submisison #1
The next thing I am trying is a night run. Actually, an organized twilight 5Km race. The thought of running in the dark, through trails instead of on roads is exhilarating!
Night running is not new. As the days get shorter, I may extend my outdoor running into fall and the twilight hours. This will require some consideration to temperature and safety.
According to this study, running at night changes the way you run. When you cannot see the surface you are running on, you depend more on instinct to react to changing surfaces. When relying on instinct, it makes sense to wear a more minimal shoe, to feel the ground better. I like that!

Trail Running

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Run
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Yesterday evening, my daughter wanted to go running. (nothing new there!) Since she craves variety, she suggested trail running. Running on the mountain bike trails in the local park.
We jogged to the park and started on the trails. I loved it! Running on single track dirt paths along the river bank was amazing! The running itself was easier than on pavement, as the ground was softer.
We went about 5 Km, but it hardly seemed like any time at all. Dodging tree branches, watching for roots, running up the bank, and avoiding mud puddles all required concentration, so I didn’t think about how far or how long I’d run.
I don’t know yet if I am ready for competitive trail running, as the races seem to be focused on endurance (think ultramarathon), but I know where to go if I do choose that route.