One (More) A Day

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Swim
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It started with a relatively innocent comment from my youngest daughter. “Mom, I’m going to work on my arm strength this summer.”
That got me thinking about upper body strength and how it affects swimming. If I had more upper body strength, I could be a better swimmer! And if I worked on it with my daughter, I could be a better mother! Two birds with on stone!
So how do you build arm strength? Most research I found involved lifting weights. As I am not prepared to invest in a gym membership for my preteen, I looked further for things to do at home. Push-ups! The simplest, yet effective way to build upper body strength is the push up!
My daughter wasn’t enthusiastic, with memories of “how many can you do in a minute” gym class of just last week, so we decided to start slow. One push up today. Add one push up the next day. Add one more the next day. And on and on.
One push up was not impossible. Two became possible. We are now up to 10. Everyday, the last push up seems almost impossible, but the next day, one more is still do-able!
Start slow. Add slow. You hardly notice! We will see what difference 2 weeks of push ups makes in my swim on Sunday – at the Try-a-tri!



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