But it’s Such a Little Thing!

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Run
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The Theory:
Fresh from the high of my first 5K race, and anticipating a small triathlon in 2 months, I decided to ramp up my training. Considering my dilemma of “fitting it in” (see a previous post), I thought I would run home from work. It’s only 7K. Maintaining the pace of the 5K run, should take about 50 min, about the same as my usual bus trip.
A few details to look after. I would need to change at work and carry my clothes and lunch kit home. No problem. Use a backpack.
The Reality:
My run very quickly turned into run-a-block-walk-a-block! 59 minutes total. What made the difference? Must be the backpack!
Of course, there is the difference between running in the morning and after work. And the wind was brisker than the previous run. But I’m going to blame the backpack, which weighed in at 6 pounds.
The Math:
Momentum = Kg x m/s
Using the formula, my momentum for 5K was 2.38 Kg-m/s. For 7K, it was 1.97 Kg-m/s. That is a 16% difference in momemtum for a 3.38% difference in weight.
The Conclusion:
If I continue to train with the backpack, I will FLY when I take it off for the race!



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