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Winter training

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The weeks have become months and training became rather erratic! Fall got hectic with other things and training was pushed to the back burner. Then there is the weather to consider. In fall, it became hit or miss if it would be suitable to run or bike outside.

Now that it is winter in Manitoba, there is no debate about outdoor training, and biking has turned to swimming. And training has been reduced to once a week.

I go to a gym with a pool and a track. My daughters and I run 3-5 Km and then swim laps for 300 – 500 m. We have been fairly faithful for the last 3 months at getting out once a week. Sometimes I will only run, not swim, but I do need to work on my endurance in the water.

This week the gym was just too much work to get to, so I resorted to running on the treadmill in my parent’s basement. Not a favorite place to run, and I couldn’t push myself to do more than 2 Km, but the tea and visit after was very pleasant!


My favorite place to run is outdoors. I like to run a path that has varied surfaces and scenery. I like to run a circuit from start to finish, without laps. I find it too easy to stop and not complete the laps.

But I live in Manitoba, so outdoor running is not always possible. The next best thing is a track. The track that I frequent has a “spongy” floor, making running more pleasurable, and easier on the joints. It is sometimes difficult to find the motivation to continue running lap after lap.

Sometimes circumstance requires running on a treadmill. Given the choice of not running at all or using a treadmill, I will take the treadmill. I notice when I have done nothing at all in a week.

So I found myself on a treadmill and discovered that it is not like surface running. I have only done a little research on this, but everything I found supports my observations.

When on a treadmill, it is necessary to maintain an upright posture. There is no need to lean forward as in surface running because your body is not moving forward. Holding the railings on the treadmill encouraged bad posture.

That is the second point. Swing your arms when you run to get a more natural gait. Holding the railings not only encouraged leaning, I was also putting weight on my arms, holding my body up.

Balance was also an issue. Once I let go of the railings, I had to find my balance on the moving belt. Perhaps this is a core body strength issue. That may be the next thing I need to work on.

While treadmill running is not my favorite, it will do in a pinch.